In Order of Appearance

(PRINCIPLE PRIMARY CHARACTERS names are capitalized, bolded, and underlined. PRIMARY CHARACTERS are capitalized and bolded. Secondary character names are bolded. Tertiary and incidental characters are unbolded.)

  1. Lean Belamy, Omniversal High Fleet Director, a civilian, and a Cadre leader. Of the Tellurian species and one of two human-like characters to appear in the book.
  2. Quiloc, an member of the Omniversal High Council and first family of his kind; a Cadre leader.  A Verdajen Xentaurian in species, but his house, the Q Dynasty, represents both the Nadejan and Verdajen species of Xentauri.
  3. PRYR, a high commander in the Omniversal High Fleet, he is ranked Megarchon of the Kathon specialty. He is a Cadre leader and Draconian in species.
  4. Lurad, a civilian strategist, of the Yulandan species.  He is a Cadre leader.
  5. The BEN-DROM, one of the very top ranking officers in the Omniversal High Fleet, he is a Regulus commander, similar to a five-star general in US military forces, but regulus commanders rule Fleet. The Ben-Drom is also heir to leadership of the Altan Andromedan Empire.
  6. The Zharkahn K’har, ruler of the Altan Andromedan Empire. (He becomes an important secondary character in Part III)
  7. SITAD, one of the Ben-Drom’s entire Syrene significants.  (Sitad becomes an primary character in Parts II and III.)
  8. KA, the Ben-Drom’s bodyguard and companion. Blackblood Ceoheician in species.
  9. The Sier, an out-cosmos entity that ‘belongs’ to the Ben-Drom.
  10. Matac, a Nadejan Xentauri who is High Fleet Special Ops. She is a Cadre member.
  11. The minor, a young, entire Syrene of a sub-species coveted by both Quiloc and the Ben-Drom.
  12. Riloc, a civilian cad, playboy, gambler, and ne’er-do-well, he is the typical spoiled rich kid Xentaurian.  He is Quiloc’s youngest son, a half brother to Quroc (see below).
  13. Greroc, a Xentauri, friend of Riloc.
  14. Caspin, a Dgorian who intercedes on Matac’s behalf.
  15. Kiel, Leon Belamy’s civilian secretary. He is a member of the species Hysa.
  16. Che’ert, a Vischurian Silver skilled at infiltration, she is a Cadre member under Matac’s perview, and ex- High Fleet Special Ops.  She is Modoc’s working partner.
  17. Modoc, a Xentaurian, a Cadre member under Matac’s perview, and ex- High Fleet Special Ops.  Che’eert is his working partner.
  18. QUROC, a member of the HIgh Fleet machon elite, he is newly ranked kathon megarchon in Fleet.  Quroc is Xentauri and is High Counsel Quiloc’s first son and heir.
  19. Harg, High Consul Quiloc’s bodyguard. Of the mercenary Hellenite species.
  20. Surac, Quroc’s identical twin sister. First daughter of Quiloc and a hunting queen, she is, of course, Xentaurian.
  21. Quiroc, Suroc’s genius son, also Xentaurian.
  22. Frigog, Rajan and Kahn’s (see immediately below) commanding officer at their present assignment. Frigog is of the Grundian species.
  23. RAJAN, a Ghirran, is a mach elite fighter pilot loyal to the Ben-Drom, but also a member of the Cadre.
  24. Kahn, Rajan’s best friend and wing-mate, is an Altan Andromedan and related to both the Zharkahn K’har and the Ben-Drom.  He is loyal to High Andromeda and, therefore, to the Ben-Drom.  He is a Cadre member, as well.
  25. Gor, ex-Special Ops, he is Draconian and a High Fleet tachon commander loyal to the Ben-Drom.  He is a member of the Cadre.
  26. Celac, Quroc’s ‘legal’ (lawyer), hired by Quiloc.  She is a Q Dynasty Xentauri.
  27. Virnoc, Celac’s lead investigator, another Q Dynasty Xentauri.
  28. Jaeger, a Tellurian, is one of Rajan’s friends.  Jaeger is a member of the High Fleet of mid-ranking in the tachon specialty and another Ben-Drom loyalist.
  29. Erana, another of the Ben-Drom’s entire Syrene significants.
  30. The High Fleet Legal for the Prosecution, a Regellian, and the four members of the Peer Review Board, a Dgorian, a Medagian, a Xentauri, and, though not mentioned, a Capsican.
  31. Cree, Pryr’s pet dragonette.
  32. Forlir, a member of the High Fleet machon, a flight commander, she is a crossbred, born of a Tellurian and Whiteblood Ceoheician mating.  She is a member of the Cadre.
  33. Izfen, a member of the High Fleet machon, she is a Ketadian gnomorachnid.
  34. Diyall, a Megan Segundus, she is Quroc’s Battle One head kathon. She is of the carapaced species called Rhee.
  35. Tyb-ra, a machon who flies Motin’s Fleet. She is an Eotadian saurischian.