Aeros, author of science fiction books and short stories.

Aeros, author of Space Fictional books and short stories.

If you want humans, well, there are a few sprinkled in here and there, but, true to reality, most of the cosmos is filled with species of different ilk and kind.

The stories offered here are written by, for, and about aliens. I am so totally sick of aliens portrayed as one-sided assholes with the humans written as the victim and the hero. Our universe has better examples of intelligence out there everywhere. Did you ever think that, maybe, humans have been isolated…for their own good, for their peace of mind? I mean, humans are, in many ways, a totally disreputable animal–predatory, barbaric, close-minded, provincial, and as xenophobic as they come, though, admittedly, they do have many good points, too…if they could just get over themselves.

As an author, I like to stretch the possibilities. I like to ask: what’s beyond the limits of our perceptions of reality. So I write about stretching possibilities. My shorts are, basically, small incursions into my warped mind—snapshots of images inside it. My books? What I do is tap into universes populated with myriad species, each one different, each one unique. But each has one commonality with us and with each other—emotion. Everyone experiences emotion. That, to me, is the defining expression of being.