Imagine a cosmos that acts like this:

and, simultaneously, acts like all of these, too (…and more):

Imagine a limitless number of universes each of whose circumference is infinity, each of which vibrates at a slightly different frequency, and where those infinite circumferences are continuous with their interiors, all eternally recycling from universal edge to universal interior.  Now, imagine that each universal circumference is synonymous with every other universe’s circumference, even though they’re all of different volume and size, but identical mass.  That is the cosmos in A Gathering of Rebels.

Of course, for most of us, it’s easier to think of separate universes like this, →
rather than to think of all of them occupying the same space, which would, if we could visualize infinite spheres occupying identical space (which we can’t, of course), turn into a kind of sparkling muddy gray (or maybe counter-frequency lucid or something) if seen from a position beyond infinity.