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Space and Science

A good number of people are intrigued by the unknown. This is the same component that leads them to want to know more about space and science. While there are still many wonders of the world that are still yet to be explored there is just something mesmerising when it comes to outer space.

There are a lot of scientists that have dedicated themselves to exploring life beyond earth. When they discover something new, they are eager to share their findings. While there are many, who are eagerly awaiting to learn more about these new discoveries. They can rely on news resources for the gathering of this information.

Why is Saturn So Special?

19 Mar 2021

Even though Saturn features a very dense solid core, it has a large outer layer made up of gases. It's this gaseous layer that gives the planet an average density of 687 kg/m3, the lowest density of all the planets. Not even water has this low density.

A Closer Look at Jupiter

24 Feb 2021

Known as a gas-giant planet, Jupiter is one of the most interesting outer space entities and has an atmosphere primarily made of helium and hydrogen. Scientists who have studied this planet reveal that it is covered in thick white, yellow, brown, and red clouds, which give it a striped look.

Is Neptune All Water?

14 Jan 2021

Like Uranus, Neptune is an icy giant planet located in the solar system's outer space. And while the planet is not all water, at least 80% of it is "icy" (made up of ammonia, methane, and water). Thus, the idea of water covering the entire planet is untrue.