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Aeros, author of Space Fictional books and short stories.

In a cosmos filled with myriad and diverse species, one thing is prized above all else — freedom for all kind. But enforcement requires cooperation from the oldest and most powerful empire in the Omniverse. Isolationist to an extreme, though, the Andromedans refuse to intervene, and a handful of rebels design a plan to force them to.

They were a gathering of rebels
Thrown together, not by happenstance,
But by design and intrigue —
The Ben-Drom’s design
And the Cadre’s intrigue —
Except for one wild radical,
One unpredictable element,
Who threatened to undermine
The efforts of all sides involved,
and all because of one small minor —
A Syrene who belonged to
None other than the Ben-Drom.

They were a gathering of rebels,
Fighting one another and themselves
In a clash of titans.


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