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science fiction epic

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Aeros, author of Space Fictional books and short stories.

In a cosmos filled with myriad and diverse species, freedom is prized above all else.  But freedom means nothing without life, and the corrupt are killing the free, planet by planet, system by system, against all rule of law.  To stop it, enforcement requires cooperation from Alta Andromedi, the oldest and most powerful empire in the Omniverse.  Isolationist to an extreme, though, the Andromedans refuse to intervene, so a group of disparate rebels, each powerful in their own right, concoct a plan to force them to, plunging all involved into a cataclysmic conflict that could unravel the very geopolitical institution both sides hope to save.

Aeros avatarThey were a gathering of rebels
Thrown together, not by happenstance,
But by design and intrigue —
The Ben-Drom’s design
And the Cadre’s intrigue —
Except for one wild radical,
One unpredictable element,
Who threatened to undermine
The efforts of all sides involved,
And all because of one small minor —
A Syrene who belonged to
None other than the Ben-Drom.


They were a gathering of rebels,
Fighting one another and themselves
In a clash of titans.



Get the Set for Only $7.98 at Amazon

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